A Fool’s Guide to Liberation

An Interactive Game for Getting Free through Creativity


1. Read (the Qs) 2. Respond 3. Share


In winter 2014, five friends sat around a table writing down questions and responding to each others’ ridiculous brilliance with increasing creativity. This process birthed CLN and inspired the making of The Fool’s Tarot. Two years later, the deck is almost complete, and ready to be shared…

In summer 2016, CLN co-founders did an epic tarot reading, drawing 1 card for every new moon, full moon, and each quarter moon each month until we had drawn every card in the deck. That gave us a two-year reading!!! And NOW… guided by the card of the week, each day we share a Q (Query, Quest, Quarrel, Quote, Quell, Quencher, Quip, or Quantum Leap), and together — online and in our lives — we are Getting Free through Creativity.

It’s time to play, fool!

Read and respond to the Q’s below.

CLN Presents: 

 A Q.P.O.C, Social-Eco Justice, Permacultured, 13-fooled Tarot Deck.

Take a fool’s journey through the multiverse, join this interactive game exploring the Fool’s Tarot, intuition, dignity, the sacred, social justice, creativity, and liberation.


The Gift

04_02_4th Earth_Formatted.jpg

“There is no lack. There is nothing to hold onto. I free my will to the infinite flow of creativity.”

0_02_03_Priestess_applespit_Formatted 7.3.jpg

“I am blossoming, because my intuition is my soulmate.”

12_03_Visionary Dreamer of Fire_Formatted.jpg

“I walk with strength and without fear in the world.”






The Gift -Q21- Quiet-Time

Change is the end result of all true learning.

-Leo Buscaglia

There are many people in this world we could quote, and if somehow we were able to quote every thought, idea and spoken word we would find ourselves…today is day 728 of our 2 year read, 2 more days until completion…tomorrow is that last day, and what has changed in your life over the last two years?

The Gift-Q18-Qismat(kismat)

Double up on destiny, become the land if necessary, meet your challenges with the energy of the fated, and shine brighter than you imagined was possible.

The Fool’s Journey is a metaphor for the journey through life. Each card in the Creative Liberation Now Deck represents a stage and/or experience on that destined journey on the path of wholeness. The Fool is you my dear hero – so remember this is your journey to create.

What are the visions, questions, wonder that so excite you that the cliff ahead is easy to miss? What occupies your mind and calls forth your creativity?


The Gift-Q15- Quell

The fires of your visionary dreams have been stoked, intuition has become inflamed, ideas are boiling over, and balance is necessary…how do we calm the fires of passion when stillness, focus, and calm are needed? How do we stop the revolution, when a new direction must be chosen-before we turn again…?


The Gift Q14: Quill

The book “the goddess vs the alphabet” explores the relationship between literacy and patriarchy, proposing that the rise of the written word paralleled the fall of the power and presence of feminin power. The author, Leonard Shlain argues that “learning written language, especially alphebetic, alters human brain function in a way that emphasizes linear thinking over wholistic thinking.”

Perhaps the priestess mind thrives when given ample opportunity to engage in wholistic thinking…

perhaps the priestess beads pauses from verbal communication altogether…

what would it take to give yourself a break from the command of the quill? Can you take a vacation— a day or more off—from written, verbal communication? What would you need in order to nurture and tend to the priestess in you?


The Gift – Q13 – Solar Qonnection

04_02_4th Earth_Formatted

The Hub of the Solar Plexus is actually the hepatic, splenic, gastric, pancreatic, suprarenal, renal, testicular, and mesenteric plexus.


It is said the solar plexus is the seat of the will. Our will is connected to the whole body, from the root to the fruit.


When you are in creative process as you move through your life, as you make decisions, as you choose and move, as you process and live with/through the choices you’ve made, notice your body, the plexus system, from your anus to the top of your head. Center your attention just behind your belly button and feel how the pull into movement spreads out to the base of your body and to the top and move with every part together.