A Fool’s Guide to Liberation

An Interactive Game for Getting Free through Creativity


1. Read (the Qs) 2. Respond 3. Share


In winter 2014, five friends sat around a table writing down questions and responding to each others’ ridiculous brilliance with increasing creativity. This process birthed CLN and inspired the making of The Fool’s Tarot. Two years later, the deck is almost complete, and ready to be shared…

In summer 2016, CLN co-founders did an epic tarot reading, drawing 1 card for every new moon, full moon, and each quarter moon each month until we had drawn every card in the deck. That gave us a two-year reading!!! And NOW… guided by the card of the week, each day we share a Q (Query, Quest, Quarrel, Quote, Quell, Quencher, Quip, or Quantum Leap), and together — online and in our lives — we are Getting Free through Creativity.

It’s time to play, fool!

Read and respond to the Q’s below.

CLN Presents: 

 A Q.P.O.C, Social-Eco Justice, Permacultured, 13-fooled Tarot Deck.

Take a fool’s journey through the multiverse, join this interactive game exploring the Fool’s Tarot, intuition, dignity, the sacred, social justice, creativity, and liberation.


3rd Fire

“I choose my destination and shape my destiny.”

03_3rd Fire_Formatted

(11/10 ~ 11/18)



15th Waning Half Moon – 3rd Fire – q7 – Qall on Everything!!!

We are intergenerationally, economically, geographically,

residentially, educationally, occupationally, culturally,

physically, psychologically, emotionally,

sexually, spiritually,

religiously targeted

and destroyed.


To face annihilation again and again

and survive,

is a miracle.

We are miracle workers.


when we got nothing to work with,


we work with everything.



Call on EVERYTHING today and make space for a miracle to strike like three pronged lightening into your TridentMagicWandWalkingStickPowerObjectStaff.

03_3rd Fire_Formatted



15th Waning Half Moon – 3rd Fire – q6 – Qongratulations

03_3rd Fire_Formatted

In 2007 I had the insane privilege of walking what is now called “Camnio de Santiago”, which was once was a Gaelic pilgrimage, then Moorish, then Catholic, to the site of Saint James’ tomb, or beyond to the original “Fin Estera”, the end of the earth, the north western most point of Spain where the sun returns through the underworld carrying any prayers or pilgrimage offers of forgiveness, and rebirth.  Often after miles of walking, we would reach the top of a hill or mountain and look back at where we came. It was always amazing to see the landscape we had just traveled and to see how far we had come.

Today, is a good day to look back at the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, relational, physical, and creative distances you’ve traveled in your life’s journey (or with a particular part of your journey) and to marvel and rejoice. Good Work!!! Take a mountain pose at the precipice you stand on now and enjoy your journey so far.


15th Waning Moon – 3rd Fire – Q4 – Quartet minus 1

03_3rd Fire_Formatted

Three.  (3, III)

One. Two. Three. (1/I, 2/II, 3/III)

The Third. (3rd)




Me, Myself and I,

too big, too Little, just right,

past, present, future,


the Mean 3,

the baker, the butcher, and the candlestick maker,

Ro Sham Bo.


A household of 3 (Ménage à trois).


Tri-nity. Tri-o. Tri-ad.

Tri-vial. Tri-cycle. Tri-athalon.

Tri-angle. Tri-murti. Tri-dent.


What sensations come with 3? What does this number bring into your awareness? Where in your body do you associate with 3?

How does this guide you on your path?


15th Waning Half Moon – 3rd Fire – q3

03_3rd Fire_Formatted


Lightening strikes 3 times at once, for the destined path you are choosing today.

3 eagles dance in celebration of your choices.

Let the G.O.A.T (your Greatest Of All Time) carry you charged and well guided into your own greatness.


Take a stance, do a dance, have a conversation embodying this kismet, very auspicious, holy trinity time’s at least 3,

that blesses your capacity

to navigate your destiny.


15th Waning Half Moon – 3rd Fire – Q2 – perspeQtive

03_3rd Fire_Formatted

Who’s journey is this card depicting?

Do you assume it is the Trimurti, the most human looking creature in this picture?

Read this card as if it belongs to the birds.

Read this card as if it belongs to the trident.

Read this card as if it belongs to the Goat.

The lightening.

The sun.

Something more made by all in this vision, including you.
As you navigate, young ancient traveler, this never ending story,

embrace the nothingness, the source of all things, the great mystery beyond knowing

Practice seeing things from the eyes, hearts, lives, and destinies of others,

blades of grass,


a Black Trans Woman from Chicago who’s just won her seat in City Council with a “super majority” of the vote, over a white cis man trying to ban transgender bathrooms,

see through the sun’s eyes,

through the heart of a mosque,

the fire in a tipi meeting,

the veins of a young man, old so fast, dancing with that Smack Dragon.


Look into yourself to find the reflections of those closest to you, and most different.

Practice wishing them well with all your heart.

Practice loosening and then expanding your own self identity to make room for the complexity, the epic-ness, and the interconnected intimacy of your own path woven into us all.

How do these practices change how you tell the story of (y)our arcing destiny?