A Fool’s Guide to Liberation

An Interactive Game for Getting Free through Creativity


1. Read (the Qs) 2. Respond 3. Share


In winter 2014, five friends sat around a table writing down questions and responding to each others’ ridiculous brilliance with increasing creativity. This process birthed CLN and inspired the making of The Fool’s Tarot. Two years later, the deck is almost complete, and ready to be shared…

In summer 2016, CLN co-founders did an epic tarot reading, drawing 1 card for every new moon, full moon, and each quarter moon each month until we had drawn every card in the deck. That gave us a two-year reading!!! And NOW… guided by the card of the week, each day we share a Q (Query, Quest, Quarrel, Quote, Quell, Quencher, Quip, or Quantum Leap), and together — online and in our lives — we are Getting Free through Creativity.

It’s time to play, fool!

Read and respond to the Q’s below.

CLN Presents: 

 A Q.P.O.C, Social-Eco Justice, Permacultured, 13-fooled Tarot Deck.

Take a fool’s journey through the multiverse, join this interactive game exploring the Fool’s Tarot, intuition, dignity, the sacred, social justice, creativity, and liberation.


The Celestial Circus Universe

I am the master of ceremony: I elevate expectations and prepare all for the potency of my presence.

21_Multiverse_Celestial Circus_IN PROGRESS

(4/15 ~ 4/21)


The Celestial Circus Universe Q5: QueerIt

The Master of Ceremony says, “QueerIt!!!” It is time that this circus of a life, “The greatest show on earth” be kept as a sacred experience within, and shared in its complex crazy chaotic contagious, courageous, cosmic character with the world…QueerIt CLN – QueerIt!!!


The Celestial Circus Universe Q4: Quest

you know that act that has been living only in the realm of imagination? the one you are thrilled about one day showcasing under the big-top but for this reason and that reason and perhaps a little bit of distraction, procrastination, unrealistic expectations, self-doubt, or the like, the act has yet to EVER come to life?

well, today’s the day to take a step towards it’s big debut. even if it’s a tiny step. maybe the vision is ONLY a vision, and it’s not even clear enough to you to communicate about it, get some clarity now! if you’ve never written or spoken about this wild idea, do so now! if you’ve written and shared about it but never taken action to bring the idea out of the dream realm, figure out what the first realistic step towards actualization is and do that now! figure out what the right step is for YOU, call in an ally or more if you need it, and make today the first day you take the first step to that new act coming to life!

that all said, it might be that the ONLY step you can take is being willing to let go of one of the acts that might be replaced by this new one. that can be a big step in-and-of itself. wherever you are at, celebrate your celestial circus, call on the power of stardust that you are made of, and get ready to SHINE even brighter as the Greatest of All Times YOU!


The Celestial Universe Q3: Questions

in this wild bright big-top act of your life, where you are the grand MC, you get to choose and make the moves.

what do the rings of your circus contain?

what colors decorate your big-top?

what are the smells and sounds that lure the crowds to the grand, greatest-of-all-time performance that is YOU??

what’s your opening act today?

what’s today’s grand finale?

what acts still need a little work before they make their debut and what do you need to get them ready?

are there new acts that only live in the imagination and acts that are ready to retire?

contemplate these questions and share what you will of your potent answers in whatever creative way you choose.


The Celestial Circus Universe -Q2- Quatum Entanglement

In the spirit of the most potent presence, let us become entertained by innocence unjustly judged, now doesn’t that feel like some hell of a circus…judgment brought down upon a life. Let us here at CLN call in a master of ceremony for time taken. Richard Phillips, at this moment 71 years old, was sent to prison for a murder he did not commit, 45 YEARS IN PRISON…45 Years…in prison…45 years.

Here is the lesson from this potent presence, “I was upset at first, but mistakes happen in this world. No life is perfect. Everybody has problems. It would be unimaginable for me to be upset because I had problems, because everybody has them.”

Let us applaud this potent presence – the master of ceremony for time taken.


The Celestial Circus Universe – Q1 – Quake

21_Multiverse_Celestial Circus_IN PROGRESS
CLN, can you feel it? can you hear it? it’s getting louder isn’t it? prepare yourself, hold onto something, or someone — THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME is about to arrive!!! The earth seems to be quaking and hearts seem to be fluttering, we are so excited to be in the G.O.A.Ts presence. They are…and they love…and they always…and since they…they will always be the G.O.A.T to me.
I am the master of ceremony: I elevate expectations and prepare all for the potency of my presence.”
It is time, let us know at CLN what you are, what you love, what you always do and since you…that makes you the G.O.A.T…prepare us for the potency of your presence.

3rd Sovereign, Communion/Chaos – Q7 – Quilt!!!

The Strong Feminine Sovereign says, ” I am an open channel, through which beauty and unconditional love flow freely.”

You are invited to revisit this while calling in and letting go of all that is needed and not needed. You are an open channel, through which beauty and unconditional love flow freely.



3rd Sovereign, Communion/Chaos – Q6 – Quit Quit!!!

Forgive and forget…

Let go of anger and bitterness; it will work wonders on your health, spirit, energy and capacity, as well as your relationships.

A wise teacher was walking down the street with their students and out of nowhere a person who seemed to be in road rage came by almost hitting the teacher, they stumbled back blocking the students from harm and said “may you find what you are looking for, safely, in community, surrounded by love.” The students, surprised by the teacher’s  response asked, “why did you say that to a person who is so angry, mean and inconsiderate?” The teacher replied, “a happy person, supported and loved wouldn’t have been driving so thoughtlessly putting us and themselves in danger.”

CLN, what do you think of the teacher’s response?

Free yourself of your anger and resentment today!

Say Prayers for those who have harmed you, and/or prayers for yourself when they come into your mind. “May i/may they be safe loved celebrated happy healthy and free.”

Express Gratitude, your happiness is not dependent on others, count your blessings, or at least list a few to remind yourself of the good in your life.

What is the medicine? What are the lessons? Some Buddhists believe, the greater the misfortune, the closer to enlightenment you are. Christians love to say “God does not give us more than we can handle.” Think of that, your greatest challenge might just be your most profound opportunity. So, what are you learning? Patience; compassion; resilience; forgiveness; open-mindedness? Learn what you need to learn!

Remember, this is just one moment, you have a whole life of experiences, opportunities, memories and lessons, stay aware of the vastness of a whole life.

Many have said, “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”  By holding on to resentment and bitterness, we aren’t simply hurting ourselves, we are giving over our emotional sovereignty.

Stay free!!! Stay in harmony!!! Create consciously!!! Get it!!! It – being your happy life, with love and goodness – positivity attracts positivity.