A Fool’s Guide to Liberation

An Interactive Game for Getting Free through Creativity


1. Read (the Qs) 2. Respond 3. Share


In winter 2014, five friends sat around a table writing down questions and responding to each others’ ridiculous brilliance with increasing creativity. This process birthed CLN and inspired the making of The Fool’s Tarot. Two years later, the deck is almost complete, and ready to be shared…

In summer 2016, CLN co-founders did an epic tarot reading, drawing 1 card for every new moon, full moon, and each quarter moon each month until we had drawn every card in the deck. That gave us a two-year reading!!! And NOW… guided by the card of the week, each day we share a Q (Query, Quest, Quarrel, Quote, Quell, Quencher, Quip, or Quantum Leap), and together — online and in our lives — we are Getting Free through Creativity.

It’s time to play, fool!

Read and respond to the Q’s below.

CLN Presents: 

 A Q.P.O.C, Social-Eco Justice, Permacultured, 13-fooled Tarot Deck.

Take a fool’s journey through the multiverse, join this interactive game exploring the Fool’s Tarot, intuition, dignity, the sacred, social justice, creativity, and liberation.


The Most Merciful Universe

“I am humbly, exuberantly, and cozily wrapped in the all inclusive blanket of space time.”

0_21_The Most_Merciful_Universe (1).jpg

(1/16 ~ 1/23)




Most Merciful Universe Q3: Question

Mercy, oh divine mercy!

Compassionate Living Nowness, mercy inspired a poem for me, what does it inspire in you?

Maybe a photo wants to come through that shows us mercy. maybe a story, a poem, a painting; share with us a creative manifestation of mercy.


Most Merciful Universe Q3 – let me love me liqe

today, in the heart of the most merciful

we play: “Let me love me like”

sometimes we find what we need through metaphor, symbol, imagery, sensation, emotion. Sometimes we don’t need to cognize with the organizing mind, and sometimes if we do, the felt sense imagination can be a powerful doorway to more expansive and intimate inter relating and co-creativity.


play 🙂


“let me love me like…,”

“brown rice,

weighted dice,

let me love me like maps to the underground railroad

on what grandma’s quilting

and we’re leaving tonight…”



you go: “let me love me like…”


what’s the sensation?


how does this effect your direct experience of being loved?

of what’s possible through being loved?

by the self?

ad the all there is?

and another?

and a community?

and a set of agreements and systems that tell you they love you quite practically,

and nurture your thorough, holistic well being in the every day?


“Let me love me like…”

peep the rough draft:



Most Merciful Universe Q2: Quote

“The atoms of our bodies are traceable to stars that manufactured them in their cores and exploded these enriched ingredients across our galaxy, billions of years ago. For this reason, we are biologically connected to every other living thing in the world. We are chemically connected to all molecules on Earth. And we are atomically connected to all atoms in the universe.

We are not figuratively, but literally stardust.”

― Neil deGrasse Tyson

Most Merciful Universe Q1

0_21_The Most_Merciful_Universe (1)


Micah 6:8. Tell us, “God has showed you, O human, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

This passage is often referenced as the Social justice passage of the Bible; CLN has chosen this one as a pathway to contemplating the Most Merciful Universe.

What does it mean to Love Mercy, Compassionately Living Nowness (that is You)?

Mercy in the old french is merci meaning to ‘pity’ or to give ‘thanks,’ in Latin it is merces or merced- to ‘reward,’ and in the Christian Latin it means ‘pity, favor, and/or heavenly reward.

The Most Merciful Universe calls us into a deep forgiveness, and this forgiveness must be given to someone who it is within our power to punish.

The Buddha says You, Compassionately Living Nowness, as much as anybody else in the entire universe, in the entire Multiverse, deserve your love, your affection and your mercy. Because who other than yourself do you have consistent, unwavering, indomitable power over? 

So, You, Compassionately Living Nowness, are invited to act justly, Love mercy and walk humbly with your God, by starting with yourself.

In what ways can you show yourself mercy today? Maybe today is the day you stop beating yourself up. Maybe now is the moment negative self talk is noticed, and slowly, and compassionately transformed. Maybe today you become your cheerleader, your favorite person, your most impressed fanatic to all things you. Maybe today your Imperfections become I’m perfections.

How will you show yourself mercy, Compassionately Living Nowness?

Share with us your thoughts, creative solutions, cosmic insights; your Clever Loving Nomenclatures. You Cannot Do This Wrong.

Welcome to the Most Merciful Universe




Alchemi Art Temperance Q8

Last thing – congratulations on your success! We feel grateful to have had the opportunity to Alchemize with you and to be witness to such amazing gratitude.

Get it!!!

You Got It!!!

Your Worth it!!!

Its Yours!!!

What?!?! Ok. Clarity is necessary and the question that is being asked even after a congratulation is: What is your stone?

“In alchemy everything is composed of three parts: Sulphur (Soul or individualized essence), Mercury (Life Force), and Salt (Physical Body). It is the Work of the alchemist to separate and recombine these three basic principles as often as necessary until they are in perfect proportion and harmony with each other. When this harmony is achieved, the creation of a ‘stone’ of physical object used in the transformation of the alchemist, or another, via a medium, such as water, wine, or direct contact will be produced.”

CLN is our stone.

What is yours?


Alchemi Q7

Find a coach for your alchemical practice, because when we are learning (practicing), Alchemist apprentices at times need direction from someone who already got it. Now you might not be a self help groupie like some, but this is the time to find your favorite band, bandit, alchemist, coach. Whatever you choose to call them, you will need their support. whether its in book form, video, audio, personal training.

Find your team, find your coach and continue to learn how to play in this experiment.




Temperance (Alchemi) Q6

Now it is time to find a friend, but not just any friend, find one that is all about your vision. Find a friend that has your back, your front, your side, your sole and your crown. This friend is your favorite Cheerleader, all about team you, and you can tell them anything and they will cheer you on.

You know who that person is? If not, this is the time to find them. However, you do not have to wait to do the next step.  you can be that friend.

So CLN, with your favorite, or your favorite mirror. Tell them (or your doppelganger) about that vision board. Tell them like you already have everything on it. tell it like you are already enjoying the fruits of this generous universe.  Was there a car on that vision board; well describe how it felt to drive it.  Was there a lover on that vision board; well describe how they make you feel. Was there a new outfit, or an adventure, or a home. Tell them all about it and don’t forget, this is the moment for excitement – your dreams have come true, how could you not be excited.

Say it like your grateful for it!!!