A Fool’s Guide to Liberation

An Interactive Game for Getting Free through Creativity


1. Read (the Qs) 2. Respond 3. Share


In winter 2014, five friends sat around a table writing down questions and responding to each others’ ridiculous brilliance with increasing creativity. This process birthed CLN and inspired the making of The Fool’s Tarot. Two years later, the deck is almost complete, and ready to be shared…

In summer 2016, CLN co-founders did an epic tarot reading, drawing 1 card for every new moon, full moon, and each quarter moon each month until we had drawn every card in the deck. That gave us a two-year reading!!! And NOW… guided by the card of the week, each day we share a Q (Query, Quest, Quarrel, Quote, Quell, Quencher, Quip, or Quantum Leap), and together — online and in our lives — we are Getting Free through Creativity.

It’s time to play, fool!

Read and respond to the Q’s below.

CLN Presents: 

 A Q.P.O.C, Social-Eco Justice, Permacultured, 13-fooled Tarot Deck.

Take a fool’s journey through the multiverse, join this interactive game exploring the Fool’s Tarot, intuition, dignity, the sacred, social justice, creativity, and liberation.


THE MULTIVERSE: Nurtured Universe

“My dear Universe, thank you.” 

21_Multiverse_Nurtured Hayoka_FINAL



NewMoon14 – 1st Multiverse- Nurtured Universe: Q1

“My dear Universe, thank you.” 

21_Multiverse_Nurtured Hayoka_FINAL


Oh Multiverse, you mountain spring-ocean womb, midwife-motherfather-you and me,

Oh multiverse the many uni-versed manifestation of an immeasurable soul soliloquy

Oh Multiverse, mingling eternal, internally mixing, multidimensional-mycelium-movement flowing through nothing into nothing

birth our people, the everything and nothing, in our gorging gorgeous creativity.

voice of the unseen Heart ache grieving tears to nurture planets here and away Multiverse

this stardust existence calling upon distant relative wisdom expressed through sunlight steps, soft shadow dances, ancient animal cries, the why’s(wise) with no answer, being beyond

U-N-I plant this verse of gratitude, and sprout and bloom and seed and wilt,

Multiverse I pray every night, spell casting with ancestors shamanic sight the magic and medicine of the Multiverse is ready, set, go…

songs of rivercomet, blackhole explosion, volcano forming, continents shifting as planets are birthingdying, revolvingresolving

The Multiverse, intergenerational ritual of awakening oneself and one Self, ultimate lie and truth,

The Multiverse we be, people planted at our knees, rooted seeds, the only way we move is as energy

The Multiverse pregnant with luscious mystery expanding into me out of me simultaneously swimming flying i am lying naked in bed with the

Sweet MultiVerse, nectar of my soul buzzing through trillions of I’s

Sweet Multiverse, We, this gift of love, a precious seed, we accept it, will keep, will water it, look after it and nurture it

Sweet Multiverse

Pollinate me and teach me how to fly on the wings of everything, in my own skies

Multiverse glory to this cosmic garden: hands of dirt, head as sun, heart beats to nature’s hum, nurtured garden, fed body and soul.

and our epic infinite love making is gestating the

We Multiverse, oh the sweet we, oh the sweet We Multiverse

We Multiverse, oh the sweet we, oh the sweet we, oh the sweet we

We, Multiverse.


The Gift – Day 20: Qi pt 2

02_2nd Water_FINAL

Let the 2nd Water here be a guided meditation, an internal asana (a yoga pose), a kata (a set of kung fu moves), a dance routine, a prayer, an instruction, a schematic, an equation, a sheet of music, etc…

Try this:

Sit or stand comfortably in a meditative position and let the visuals of this card guide your energy. Let your thoughts, emotions, sensations, attention, etc… be moved by and move like this image.  Notice your life force, the Qi, that which moves through your body as sensation, thought, emotion, and energy. If words are helpful, say “My heart radiates love, so I attract love, all is well” again and again as you follow the image and your experience of it. Send this practice through the the last 13 moons, through all the moons you’ve lived in this body, and all the moons you will ever live. Meet it again and again, right here right now, with fresh, receptive, following, guiding, awareness. Clear, grow, and focus your Qi in the radiating love coming from and to you in wellness.



see you in the Multiverse…



The Gift – Day 17: Quit your day job pt 3

many of us living within a white-supremacist-capitalist-patriarchy sell our time for money. today, can you pay extra attention to the ways that you are already engaging with and even creating other systems that are more liberating than the dominant oppressive institutionalized systems?

allow the three card spread to support your amplified sensitivity to how revolutionary and resilient you already are…

with your circuits fully activated and your


between inhale exhale

breathturn inhale

breathturn exhale

allow the affirmations of the FeelerHealer of Fire, Second Water, and AlchemistArtivist of Water to be the lens through which you see how you are Courageously Living Now despite the limitations of capitalism –whether or not you quit your day job!

“I am a daredevil in integrity, fearless and fun”

 “My heart radiates love, so I attract love, all is well”

“I am in harmony with the universe and benefit from all its power and love”

share what you notice here: #CLNthegift



The Gift – Day 17: Quit your day job pt 2

Your job, day and night, is to let your circuits fully activate;

Get that kundalini life, orisha incorporated, shark and dolphin nature swimming in perfect harmony, lion heart in full spread wing span courage, to live that healing everything just by being whole type vibe.

If you got a day job that gets in the way of this, QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.

Now careful, cause most everything can be related to in a way that feeds this woke ass alignment we talkin’ bout.

What would Water Do?


The Gift – Day 16: Quit your day job pt 1

keep breathing

inhale exhale

Keep asking the question, who am I? This can bring such overwhelm that the body touches stillness, emptiness, void shadow filled unanswerable realness…


between inhale exhale

breathturn inhale

breathturn exhale

Keep drinking

water is life

native born origin story told

all stories real stories bold

even when untold

flat earth inflated horizon dropping away

gay galactic fantasic smooth drawn ease

another sip please keep drinking

keep eating earth body elegance lands and seas and skies with light shining full, full, full

belly full full full

grace full

especially when mercury is in retrograde

ancestors paved the way for todaii

keep sleeping

dream catcher web with fly mind buzzing prophecy created before the rest


this human crest constantly changing rearranging

lucid realities waking dreams

eyes closed while walking under suns and moons enchantment

alarmed we snooze through it

keep thinking

mind ablaze dazed days hazed a-mazed

craving everything, everything love, missing nothing, nothing wisdom

keep consciousness

close mirrored miracle masterpiece stay naked please

trust even when the cliff has fallen away

canyon fate river weight welter state

streams created chaos order

the ambience of the room where consciousness lives and stay naked please

and if you are meant to get dressed off to work like the rest

lacking everything wanting nothing untold

belly empty breathing consciously to keep eyes open

wider wider wider

Quit your day job

Creative Liberation Now