The Gift -Q9- Quenched

The waters of insight have flooded in and we have stepped into the talents that have been obscured by the fog of Intuition not followed

All my Visionary Dreamers

Fire inside

Burned away all doubt to shine bright

Into the fire out of water we rise

Fully Moon Nourished Move be the Seas

ebb and flow — hold and release —

inhale and exhale

Rainbow ready

the treasure is free

freely accessed aura

shined bright

My CLNers, as we live under moon elegance, with the priestess pointing the way, how do we listen closely enough to invite intuition to lead the way?


The Gift Q8: Quote

There is so much to say about women’s spiritual leadership. In this time of fragmented and toxic culture, we don’t even have words adequate to describe the breadth of heritages and practices. Most people would define priestess as a woman who leads ritual. But there are a range of names and culturally-defined meanings, including shaman, medicine woman, diviner, spirit-medium, oracle, sibyl and wisewoman. Countless ethnic titles such as machi, sangoma, eem, babaylan and mae de santo provide even more textured glimpses of a vast global picture.

We can’t really draw sharp divisions between these categories. The shaman may be a ritual leader, but also a solitary practitioner. The visionary can act as healer, the medicine woman speak prophetically. The ceremonial role of the priestess does not preclude her from entering into trance or shamanic spiritual journeys; sometimes it actually requires her to achieve these altered states. Above all, the ritual specialist has skills, special ability, even powers, but every member of the spiritual community has power. In shamanic cultures, the group commonly participates in raising spirit through chant, music, dance, clapping and drumming.

It’s this question of accessing and exerting power that makes the spiritual political, and explains the importance of religion in instituting social controls.

~ Max Deshu,

When you connect with your breath, your body, and your ancestors, can you locate and learn from the intersections of the spiritual and political?


The Gift – Q7 – QueenKingLordKnightMagiPionSubjectFooldom

04_02_4th Earth_Formatted

My dear QueenKingLordKnightMagiPionSubjectFool, in your quest to govern well what walls have you built to define the Freedom you preside over? Are there any ready to be torn down? Expanded? Reinforced?

Try this:

Clench your fists, your feet, your arms, your legs, your jaw, and all your muscles into the power of extreme closing.

Now, open your palms till your fingers backbend, open your feet till your toes point towards your shins, open your arms till you bow, spread your legs till you are low, open your whole body until you are noticeably vulnerably in the power of extreme opening.

Play between the totally closed and totally opened until you find a balance that feels appropriate for gentleness and growth in your world, for the kind of QueenKingLordKnightMagiPionSubjectFooldom you all desire.


The Gift-Q6-Qi

12_03_Visionary Dreamer of Fire_Formatted

Check your chi, bend the wind, boost the flames within; allow your rainbow aura to break free, call it rainbow bubble and let it protect you from negativity; call on your spirit animal and let your face present your astrology. Now dream of the potential worlds that flow through, all is one, including you!!!


The Gift Q5: Quiet

Performing sacred rights, leading radical movements, dual-consciousness listening.

Dream-visioning in community, manifesting prayer-solitaire, deep breathing amidst chaos, midwifing transitions.

Pause, oh sweet Concoction of Love and Nerves, and ponder:
how are the powers of the priestesses living in you today?