The Gift-Q15- Quell

The fires of your visionary dreams have been stoked, intuition has become inflamed, ideas are boiling over, and balance is necessary…how do we calm the fires of passion when stillness, focus, and calm are needed? How do we stop the revolution, when a new direction must be chosen-before we turn again…?


The Gift Q14: Quill

The book “the goddess vs the alphabet” explores the relationship between literacy and patriarchy, proposing that the rise of the written word paralleled the fall of the power and presence of feminin power. The author, Leonard Shlain argues that “learning written language, especially alphebetic, alters human brain function in a way that emphasizes linear thinking over wholistic thinking.”

Perhaps the priestess mind thrives when given ample opportunity to engage in wholistic thinking…

perhaps the priestess beads pauses from verbal communication altogether…

what would it take to give yourself a break from the command of the quill? Can you take a vacation— a day or more off—from written, verbal communication? What would you need in order to nurture and tend to the priestess in you?


The Gift -Q9- Quenched

The waters of insight have flooded in and we have stepped into the talents that have been obscured by the fog of Intuition not followed

All my Visionary Dreamers

Fire inside

Burned away all doubt to shine bright

Into the fire out of water we rise

Fully Moon Nourished Move be the Seas

ebb and flow — hold and release —

inhale and exhale

Rainbow ready

the treasure is free

freely accessed aura

shined bright

My CLNers, as we live under moon elegance, with the priestess pointing the way, how do we listen closely enough to invite intuition to lead the way?