Fool to Multiverse

Fool to Universe. Copy, Fool to Universe, are you there? Are you here? Fool to Multiverse? Copy, are you here? the Creative Liberation Network couldn’t just have one Fool, noooooo, we had to have 13. We couldn’t just have one universe neither, that wouldn’t be accurate, you know how many universes are just in me????  So we made 13 Universes too, making up at least a small fraction of a Multiverse, and of course a complete one too. We are the many Fools, a full circle round the Sun’s worth if you got one fool per moon full moon cycle. We are the many Universes, what fools travel through in beginners mind, as natives of consciousness, as pure awareness itself, as soul witnesses. We are the Multiverse, energy and the archetypal forms energy travels as through the creations of each universe. We cannot be explained in one truth, we cannot be expressed in one form, we cannot be simplified, or homogenized, or globalized, our unity does not come from conformity, noooooo, our unity comes from the liberated expressions of our creativity in harmonic dynamic tension and release, and….  Join us Fool. Join us Multiverse. Come and see each Fools doorway through Multiverse into a mirrored actualization of the self.  


HeyokhaKoshari Fool 

Nurtured Universe


Doggone Dogon DogFish Fool

DarkestDustCloud-Brightest Star Universe


                                   Juggling Fool                                   

    Surrendered Universe



HomeWorld Universe


Pity the Fool

Most Merciful Universe


Fool in Love

Trusted Universe


Scales of Justice Fool

Weightless Universe

The lollipop Fool

The Celestial Circus Universe

00_The Dancin Devil Fool_colorful

00_The Fools_PrideFOOL._with houseV2

00_TheFools_Still this Fool_DONE_lighterbear