Oakland’s Liberation Treasure Hunt (Date: TBA)

Oakland’s Liberation Treasure Hunt (OLTH) is a pilot design project to be co-created by Oakland youth in partnership with the Creative Liberation Network (CLN), a collaboration of Amani Will, Amutabi Haines, Seneca Miller, and Lucy O’Leary. Using permaculture principles, systems analysis, mindfulness practices, and the magic of the CLN Tarot as guides; Oakland’s Liberation Treasure Hunt – will encourage participants to delve into and connect themes of eco-social justice, spirituality, and play in an adventure through and in creation of local landmarks, green/open spaces, and the history of Oakland. The Hunt invites dialogue and action around several questions: How are Oakland communities generating resilience and resource in both their internal and external landscapes? How are Oakland youth generating new energy, perspectives, and opportunities for creative resistance grounded in community innovation and Earth stewardship? How can our resistance to rampant systems of oppression and our innate cultures of resilience be bridges to the new flux of resource in the Bay Area and the needs and desires of long time local communities? CLN invites Oakland’s youth to delve into their creative capacity, connect to their innate dignity, and create the Oakland they desire.


Elders speak: (March 2017 – Current)

CLN, MBA project, Rubicon programs, and Google partner with Alchemist O.G.s to create an audio series combining transformative personal story telling, music, and mindfulness practice, to be shared in juvenile halls across the country!!!


Curandera: (November 2015 – Current)

Amani Will is supporting Narrative development for Ethan Goldwater, Yolanda Frausto, and HoverPictures’ film ‘Curandera’.

BT CLN is providing music for the soundtrack.


Mama Lisa’s Tiny House: (March 2015 – January 2017)

CLN assisted Lisa Carey in designing and building her Tiny House


Alive & Awake: (March – September 2016)

Amani Will supports Aaron Ableman to develop, write, and create an album, book, and television show integrating the human arc of childhood into adulthood, personal memoir, and social and eco justice conversations.