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The CLNnow Deck allows me to feel seen in so many ways that I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced in tarot…sex positivity, race and cultural awareness and more.”

~ CJ Suitt

“I’ve been working with Tarot for almost three decades and I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about this incredible work. The art is amazing and the guidebook is a fantastic tool for learning about tarot. If you are looking for a place to start or your a seasoned practitioner, this is a wonderful resource.”

~ Chuck

I had never done a tarot reading before the CLN deck, but the cards’ themes of social justice, people of color, joy, peace, etc., etc. interested me, and I trusted that the CLN folks had created something worth exploring. The right occasion for my first reading presented itself just before the winter solstice, when a distant lover crossed the Pacific to hang together in the Mojave and figure out whether and how our romance c/should evolve across distance and through the transitions in our respective lives.

The reading was beautiful. As a general skeptic, I wondered about the deck’s inherent power to divine truth and interpret life from some far out dimension. Deep resonance and seemingly impossible coincidences with a couple cards we drew fueled my curiosity on these more supernatural points, but it was my rational brain that was so impressed by the reading. Magic aside, the cards set an amazing tone for some important relationship conversations. With the deck, our discussions were scaffolded with compassion, respect, curiosity, reverence, community, and the other values infused in the cards. With this supportive framework, we were able to navigate difficult conversations from a generous, caring, abundant space instead of the insecure, scarce, grasping place that too often characterizes romantic discourse. In this way, the CLN deck contributed to my health and well-being while helping strengthen and deepen my connection with a loved one…not bad for my first reading.

~Chris Darby, Director of NMBG Arts & Education Think Tank

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